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Lemon Verbena 100g
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Product: Lemon Verbena

Latin Name: Aloysia triphylla syn. Lippia citriodora, Aloysia citrodora, Lippia triphylla, Verbena triphylla.

Plant Family: Verbenaceae

Other Names: Cedron, Lemon Beebrush, Hierba de la Princesa, Lucia-Lima, Lemon Luisa, Yerba Louisa & Verveine Citronelle.

Description: Lemon verbena is a deciduous perennial shrub native to north-western Argentina and southern Bolivia, and can be found in North America and Europe. It reaches a height of up to 2 metres; the leaves are highly fragrant, 7-10cm in length, lanceolate with parallel veins at right-angles to the mid-rib. The edges of the leaf are rough and bristly to the touch and are bright green in colour. The small tubular flowers are pale lilac, and grow in terminal panicles.

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Lemon verbena makes delicious herb butter for drizzling over steak and corn on the cob for a summer barbecue. The leaves add a lemony flavour to fish, poultry and white meat dishes, vegetable marinades, salad dressings, jams, jellies, puddings especially fruit salads and fruit based drinks. A soothing tea can also be made from the leaves.

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