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Wings of Edinburgh 5 Sauce Selection
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Artisan sauce made by Wings of Edinbrough. 5 x Pack
1. Mustard Tiger
2.Taps Aff
3. Barbaraki
4.Caprain Zanzibar 
5. Tatanka 
A sauce inspired by 2 great States... our classic New York buffalo sauce is infused with South Carolina BBQ. The result is a perfect belnd of heat and savoury tang.
Mad hungry bro? Slap it on yer hotdog, whack it on yer wings or dip yer chips, y'all!
"Suns oot, taps aff"
During the long hot days of a scottish summer, a certain breed of gentlemen will strip to the waist to show off their soon to be lobster red bodies!
If that image doesnt being tears to your eyes, the heat of this firey sauce certainly will! 
Our BBQ sauce has been blended with teriyaki and given an unami ninja kick from togarashi seasoning. 
The result is a classic all round saue and can be used as a stir fry sauce to marinade your favourite meat or to drown your dinner until you have to send in a lifeguard.
We took our unique BBQ sauce and hammered in habanero, cayenne and bullet chillis. 
We then blasted it with zingy lime to give a full on flavour explosion that will make you wonder where this rabbit has been all your life. 
Our classic buffalo sauce mixed with the sweet, nutty flavour of roasted garlic and the war, smoky bite from chipotle.
This sauce packs a flavour punch that will make you shout "well butter my butt and call me a biscuit".
Can be used as a marinade, a dipping sauce or to add that extra ooooooft to any meal!
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