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Burning Desire Burning Temptations - Chipotle Hot Sauce
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Burning Temptations - Chipotle Hot Sauce

This Chipotle hot sauce has a deep smokey flavour, with slow roasted onions and garlic and a hint of cocoa.
Warning! This hot sauce is highly addictive. Layers of smokey flavour make this an amazing alternative to a typical barbeque sauce and works very well as a marinade too. Use like a ketchup on burgers, marinate ribs, pork shoulder for lovely pulled pork, or marinate a whole chicken and bake in the oven for the perfect chipotle roast chicken.

Made with Red peppers, Mexican chipotle chillies, onions, red wine vinegar, molasses, garlic & spices.

Heat level 4/10 
Size: 148 ml.
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