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Syrian - Isot - Urfa - Kurdish Black Chilli Flakes 500g Jar
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Truly a one-of-a-kind chilli flakes.This singular black chilli is surprising for its gentle heat, fruity taste and its chocolate undertones.Makes a wonderful garnish and is eye catching when sprinkled on food.Cultivated by Turkish Kurds, the isot Kurdish black pepper is prepared in a time-honoured method. Isot begins as a red, sweet pepper with mild heat, which is later dried partially in the sun. It is then covered with tarps and left to ferment and oxidize under the autumn sun. When nearly blackened, the chilli is left to dry in the air.The dried chilli is then crushed into flakes, which are preserved by adding oil and a pinch of salt. Its fragrance is amazing! Add liberal doses to most any dish: roasted potatoes, grilled meats, soups as a garnish, or a basic tomato sauce.Urfa chilli flakes, or isot biber in Turkish, are a unique roasted paprika with an intense purple colour. The spice is made from paprika peppers, which are slow dried in an oven. It has a warm, rounded, smoky spice flavour, with hint of citrus. Urfa chilli flakes or isot biber is most famously used in çi köfte, heavily spiced patties made from raw mincemeat and bulgur wheat, and lahmacun, a baked flat bread made with meat.To use, sprinkle over salads and meat.
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