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The Gym Chef Summer BBQ Seasoning (Limited Edition)
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Introducing The Gym Chef Food Company’s Peri Peri seasoning pots
Taking the popular Portuguese Peri Peri flavour and reinventing it to give you a healthy, guilt free way to marinade your meats and meals! If you're a lover of warming spice packed with zesty, fiery flavour then our Peri Peri is the perfect choice.
Make your own African inspired Peri Peri Chicken with our little pot of powerful flavour, simply marinade your chicken with an oil of your choice along with a generous coating of our Peri Peri seasoning. Chef's tip we recommend marinading overnight for extra Oomph! Throw your meat onto a searing hot grill or bake in the oven and you have the perfect Chicken dish for your friends and family or even your Tupperware tubs.
For more Ideas on how to use your own Peri Peri pot check out our Recipes page.
Ingredients: Paprika, Chilli Flakes Garlic Powder Chilli Powder, Lemon Powder Mixed Herbs, Onion Powder; Dried Coriander, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper.
Each 50g tub is enough to season 10-20 meals!
All of our seasoning blends contain:
No added salt
No added sugar
No additives
No preservatives
No Soya
High pepper content to help promote a Thermogenic reaction, aiming to increase metabolism.
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