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Aji Amarillo Dried Pods - Mexican Chillis 20g to 500g
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Chilli Wizards Quality Aji Amarillo If there were a chilli to taste like sunshine, this would be it."Native to South America, aji amarillo is a bright-orange, thick-fleshed chilli with a medium to hot heat level. It's used in Peruvian cuisine, working its way into soups and sauces, which are used in pretty much everything.
Aji Amarillo is well worth seeking out for its unique flavour, which offers a lot of fruitiness for its heat level.
It's a different kind of fruitiness from other chilli's  like the poblanos: less sharp and harsh, more full-bodied, and a lot more subtle. If there were a chilli to taste like sunshine, this would be it. It may sound odd to use the word "comforting" to describe a hot chilli, but for aji amarillo, it seems very fitting.

Amarillo chilli's will last for 12 to 24 months if kept in low humidity and alone in a plastic bag or container.

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