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Aji Charapita (Red) - Hot Filled 7.5kg Wild Amazonian Chilli
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The Aji Charapita is a wild chilii variety and is is located in the region of the Peruvian jungle and the Amazon. The plants are bushy and produces hundreds of fruits, these are very small and spherical in shape. When ripe are red or yellow. Despite this variety been popular it is not cultivated on a commercial scale, the Aji Charapita can be found packaged in supermarkets in the city of Iquitos in the form of a chilli sauce.

The charapita is equal to a Cayenne pepper on the Scoville scale (30,000-50,000 scovilles). Food shops in the states sell thin jars of the peppers. The wild peppers are green when budding and turn yellow or red when mature. They grow on three-foot high (1 meter) bushes that produce white flowers and thousands of peppers. The peppers can generally be one of two species: C. chinense or C. praetermissum. The yellow chinense is more common and the one you will more likely find outside of Brazil and is listed by the USDA as cumarĂ­. The praetermissum is slightly bigger and red.

Packaging  - Cartons or boxes - Poly Inners 7.5 Kg
Hot Filled in Brine
When a manufacturer requires a product that can be opened and ready to use, or perhaps you need the fuller flavour, a retorted/hot filled product will offer the best solution.
The process is very simple, the fruits are cleaned, and screened, then usually a little oil, salt or vinegar is used (We try to keep the additives “kitchen friendly”), then the product is heated or retorted (Heated in the pouch) before packing aseptically into pouches ready to be used without need to further process.
The end result is an ambient stable, “almost” fresh chilli aroma and flavour. More suitable for use in salad dressings, ready meals and similar sauces and condiments that are perhaps cold filled, chilled or frozen.

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