Chilli Pepper Seeds
Chilli Pepper Seeds
We are working towards becoming one of the UKs largest Chilli Seed Suppliers we sell  general chilli plant seeds and  a large selection of more specialised  Super-Hot  chilli seeds.
We have in stock the hottest chilli pepper seeds in the world, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Naga Morich, Bhut Jolokia, (Ghost Chilli) Naga Jolokia, 7 Pod , 7 Pot, Moruga Scorpion, Jays peach and a great range of habanero chilli seeds.
From Super-Hot Trinidad Scorpion to milder chilli plants such as Jalapeno Peppers this is the site for you. We have chilli seeds from ornamental and decorative to chilli seeds that will supply you with plants and pods to use in the kitchen.
Most of our chilli seeds are easy to grow varieties and need just a bit care.
Take a look at our range of chilli seeds and immerse yourself in the chilli growing craze.
The more prolific Chilli plants we sell can produce lots and lots of chillies on one plant. These can then be dried, frozen or used fresh. Try some of the hottest chilli in the world? Start your chilli seed collection and reap the rewards of your efforts with some of the hottest Chillis on the planet.
Chilli Wizards chilli pepper seeds are of the highest quality. Hand picked from our own chilli plants.
For a more comprhensive chilli pepper seed experiance why not visit our seed dedicated sister site