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Chilliscrumptious Naga Axis of Evil Chilli Sauce
Item Code: 100CSCRUM2
Price: £ 5.00
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The flagship, hot and tasty, blood orange and Naga chillies mixed together to make an explosion in your mouth, have on anything, just take it easy.

Who is Chilliscrumptious….
Hi am James, the cook, director and the brains behind Chilliscrumptious, for as long as I can remember I’ve grown and loved chillies, whether it is making curries, pasta dishes or just an amazing hot sauce, cooking has always been my passion. I blame my love for cooking and hospitality on my mother, as a child there was always a delicious home cooked meal, full of flavour and love on the table ready to be demolished. I feel the best way to show someone your passion is to cook them something they will love and want again, not just taste, but presentation. I still get people asking me to open a restaurant.
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