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Chinese Facing Heaven Dried Pods. 15 x 50g Case
Item Code: 0CFH15X100
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This chilli is a must for all authentic Chinese Cooking Crushed Small Red Chaotian Chillis from The Hometown of Sanying (Bullet Chilli) in China
Medium hot(15000SHU-22000SHU),
Hottes(Above 30000SHUThis  is a cone-shaped, medium-hot fruity chilli with very thin skin, between 3 and 6 centimetres in length, and 1 to 2 centimetres in diameter at the base.Originally from Szechuan province in South west China, it owes its name to the fact that it grows with the fruit pointing upwards, rather than downwards as is normal with other chilli plants.Because of its attractive appearance, the dried chilli is often added to dishes whole. When lightly fried in oil it turns radiant red and loses enough of its heat to allow for it to be eaten whole
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