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Danish Smoked Salt 100g
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Gourmet Salt - Danish Smoked Salt 100gA delightful gourmet salt. This smoked salt has a delicious smoky taste and is made with pure natural ingredients.

Dead Sea salt is smoked over beech which gives it an intense and aromatic smell and taste. It reminds one of camp fires, the outdoor life and is perfect for everything that is enhanced by the smoked taste, whether it be green beans, Brussel sprouts, or a nice juicy steak. And its not just a salt for meat eaters. Vegetarians and Vegans can smoke up their salads and tofu burgers, and as mentioned above, green vegetables love a bit of smoke. A great final touch to create a jaw dropping experience!

The salt is cold smoked over beech for 160 hours being turned over once per hour. The smoking of salts originates from the Vikings and the methods used for our salt has not changed. Production is limited to about 100 kg per month, due work intensive process, so it is especially valuable and sought after.

Of course, there are no anti-caking agents, or additives and essential oils used in our smoked salt. It is one of the few naturally smoked salts available on the market.
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