Hell Unleashed! The HOTTEST Sauce In The World! 30ml
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Is this the hottest sauce in the world? We think so. To be absolutely sure, we have had it analysed by Warwick Universitys HRI Laboratory. When they sent us the test certificate, they commented in their email that this is not a sauce, it is a weapon!

The test results confirm that this is a mind-blowingly hot sauce. Since Scoville ratings are expressed per unit of dry mass, comparison of ratings between products with different water content can be misleading. So here is the comparison between this sauce and the current Guinness World Record chilli, the Carolina Reaper, expressed in both wet and dry weights:

Measured Scoville units dry Measured Scoville units wet

Hell...... Unleashed

5,322,531 (over 5.3 million) 2,584,498 (over 2.5 million)

Worlds Hottest Chilli Comparison - Carolina Reaper Chilli

1,569,300 235,395

BELIEVE THE HYPE! This is the hottest sauce Warwick University have EVER tested!

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Ingredients: 9 Million SHU Chilli Extract, Trinidad Scorpion Chillies, mango, water, citric acid, 13 Million SHU Chilli Extract

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