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Kashmiri Dried Chilli Pods Wholesale Bulk 5kg Box
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Genuine Kashmiri Chilli Pods 5kg Box

Oven dried Kashmiri Chilies.
The authentic Indian meal cant be made without a generous dose of Chilli Pepper.
Specific recipes call for specific varietys of Chilli Peppers and any deviation can be a disaster.
Needless to say, knowing the right Chilli Pepper is one of the secrets of making a good authentic asian curry.The Kashmiri Chilli has a heat rating of below SHU 12,000
Although this is one of the most popular chilli's in India, it can be very difficult to get hold of in the UK.
This is very popular chilli for its mild heat and its bright red colour. It's grown in the Northern most state of India.
Kashmiri Chillis are long, deep red and wrinkled.
The whole dried Kashmiri Chilli looks darker, almost the colour of Red Wine.
Kashmiri Red Chilli is very mildly hot and adds a bright orange colour to the food. It has got a distinct flavour too.
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