La Costena 3 x Salsa Collection
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La Costena 3 x 250g Salsa Collection

1. Salsa Mexicana Casera - Hot, spicy, chunky red Mexican salsa with tomatoes, chillis, onions, garlic and cilantro. Homestyle - Casera style. Mexico's number one Salsa. We love Salsa Verde but this one is fantastic! Use it as a dip, use it on taco, enchiladas, quesadillas. It's amazing on Pizza, in fact this is perfection in a Mexican sauce.

2. Taquera means Salsa for Tacos in Spanish. Made from tomatillos, onions, Morita peppers ( smoked jalapenos), salt and spices, this traditional Mexican recipe is used for tacos or burritos or other similar uses. It's smoky-hot and tangy flavor will make your meals perfectly authentic. We love to use this with our Enchiladas & Quesadillas. Why not have it on your breakfast burritos with eggs and bacon.

3.Salsa Ranchera quite literally Mexican Ranch Sauce it's ingredients are tomato & garlic with jalapeno chilli to add a little zing and lime. Delicious for cooking authentic Mexican food dishes and great with chicken, burritos, tortas and tacos. Nice & Spicy! You can use this with Enchiladas. Quesadillas on your tacos. Why not have it on your breakfast burritos with eggs and bacon. Excellent for BBQ for smoky flavour This is a great big bottle to last you for weeks and weeks!

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