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Leek Flakes Dried. 15 x 50g Packs Catering, Shop Bulk Buy
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100% Green & White Leek Pieces 12 x 50gReady to use leek flakes.The perfect ingredient for making soups, sausages and gravy.Contains no additives at all.Instant leeks! These leeks have been prepared and dried, so all you need to do is add them to your dish. These are 100% pure which means they contain no added salt or preservatives. This product is sized in big and small flakes as well as occasional whole rings.Using Leek FlakesRehydrate leeks in warm water for 10 minutes or simply add to the pan and allow them to absorb the liquid of any surrounding juices. Alternatively, chop the flaked leek further and use them as a crispy topping on soup, vegetables or roast meats.StorageDehydrated leeks store for at least 6 months, provided they are kept in an air tight container.Ingredients100% green and white leeks.There are other advantages to having a container on hand:• No need to worry about making a  special  trip to the store when you are out of fresh Leeks.
• No oil is required for cooking.
You can even make your own powder dice and dehydrate an onion, grind it, and store it in an airtight glass container.Storage TipsLike other seasonings, it can be kept in a cool, dry spot for several months.
Always be sure the container is tightly closed.Usage TipsLeek flakes are a terrific complement to many foods:• Include a dash in gravies and sauces.
• Add to breads: it is a tasty addition to buttered and toasted baguettes or slices of French bread.
• Sprinkle over salads or add a dash to cooked vegetables.
• Stir into soups and chowders.
• Include in hamburger patties.
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