Mexican KanKun Pipian Mole Paste - 240g
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The spiciest of the KanKun mole range, Pipian mole boasts both guajillo and ancho chillies as well as chilli seeds. A touch of anise, combined with coriander and garlic give richness to this sauce, while a mixture of nuts and seeds add depth. Pipian mole tastes great with pulled pork or chicken.


1. In a pan dissolve the mole paste in chicken broth (1 tbs of paste to 4 tbs of broth)

2. Cook on a low flame for a few minutes stirring frequently to avoid burning, until loos but not too runny in consistency.

3. Add your favourite precooked meat, beef, pork, chicken or turkey. Leave to simmer for 5 minutes (or simply just spoon over any meat)

Serve with rice and corn tortillas or why not try it as a condiment on tacos, tostadas, anchiladas and tamales

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