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Mulato Chilli Flakes 400g Shaker Jar
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Mulato chili's are grown in central Mexico and these are a wide chilli, about 2-3 inches wide and about 4 inches long. These dark brown chillies' have a medium thick skin and are only sold dried. The colour of these chilli's while growing is dark green. Ancho chilli's are picked when they ripen to red and they're then dried. Mulato chillis are allowed to fully ripen turning a dark brown where they're then harvested and dried. This additional ripening time adds to the Mulato's flavour characteristics and they're more full-bodied and complex in flavour than the Ancho. The added nuanced flavour gives them a special role in authentic Mexcian cuisine. Heat Level and Flavour Profile The flavour profile of Mulato chillis is a bit sweet with hints of smoky chocolate, liquorice, cherries and coffee. How to Use: Along with the other two members of the "holy trinity" the Ancho and Pasilla Chiles, the Mulato chills are a key ingredient in mole poblano, which is also known as Mexican mole, a dark brown chocolaty and spicy sauce that is usually served over chicken or meat. Dried mulato chills are ideal for mole recipes due to their dark brown colour after soaking.
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