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Paprika is made from a mild chilli pepper known as a pimento, and is generally milder than standard Chilli Powder.
It is designed to impart flavour rather than just heat.
Paprika is essentially a form of chilli powder, but a non-straightforward form.
It is generally made from a particular form of pepper, known as Capsicum annuum - a form of capsicum.
However, some forms may differ from this, as peppers, chillies and capsicums occupy a continuum of related species, and farmers just grow the ones that they have rather than performing biological analyses of the species-types.

Because of its flavor, paprika is a common ingredient in seasoning mixes that don’t include salt. Any type of home made meat rubs or grill seasonings with this spice can add lots of flavor without adding extra Sodium, and a few of these blends available at natural food stores are also low in salt or contain no salt.
A spice mix like this can liven up food without leaving diners feeling bloated or raising blood pressure. Although many people think of Hungarian Goulash when they think of paprika, the spice can also be added to Mexican and Latin American dishes, Moroccan foods, chili, and salad dressings
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