Paqua Jaya El Dorado & El Rojo Peruvian Golden Chilli Sauce's
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1. El Dorado
Yellow Amarillo chillies are fermented for 8 days and then complimented with fresh, juicy mangoes to create a layered taste profile. Cooked by hand in small batches with no added sugar, we use honey and fruit to provide the sweetness.

Amarillo chillies (27%), water, mango puree, spirit vinegar, yellow peppers, chillies, honey, salt, garlic, lemon juice, spices.

2. El Rojo
El Rojo is a perfect blend of Peruvian chillies, smoked garlic and a splash of honey and fresh sultanas.

Delicious with grilled meats, poultry, salads, noodles, stirfries and so much more.

Tomatoes, water, honey, amarillo chillies (4%), sultanas, chillies, cider vinegar, salt, smoked garlic, spices, starch.

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