Ground Cumin Powder (Jeera) - 100g to 1kg
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Cumin is an herb that many associate with Mexican and Spanish foods, but it is also widely used in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking. It has a very distinct flavour, and in the US is most often used in packaged taco seasonings (don’t eat those- make your own!)Cumin’s flavour makes it a favorite for many, but it’s health supporting properties are impressive too!History of UseAccording to Mountain Rose Herbs:Cumin is the seed of a small plant in the parsley family. Its use goes back 5000 years to the Egyptians, who used it not only as a spice but as an ingredient in the mummification process. The Greeks and Romans also used cumin and highly regarded it as one of the essential spices. In the Middle Ages cumin seed was thought to promote love and fidelity, so it was carried by attendees of weddings, and solders were always sent off to battle with a fresh loaf of cumin seed bread. Pungent, sharp, and slightly sweet, the greenish brown powder of this herb is an essential ingredient in Mexican and Indian cuisine.Traditionally, it has also been used in natural remedies and herbal medicine. Traditional texts describe its use as a diuretic and to settle the stomach and stop flatulence. Some cultures have used it for female health and to stimulate menstruation. Like many herbs, it can be made into a poultice, especially for swelling or sore throat. I even found a reference to a remedy of mixing cumin and ghee to relieve hiccups. Cumin’s long history even shows in its mentions in the Bible and other historic texts.What’s in Cumin?It is considered a good source of Iron, Manganese, and other vitamins and minerals. Some research shows that it may stimulate the production of pancreatic enzymes and help digestion. Uses for CuminI use this spice regularly in cooking and in making homemade spice blends:Taco Seasoning Recipe:1/4 cup Chili Powder 1/4 cup Cumin Powder1 tablespoon garlic Powder1 tablespoon onion powder1 teaspoon Oregano Leaf1 teaspoon Paprika1/4 cup Sea Salt1 teaspoon ground pepperTo make: Put all in jar and shake well or mix in a food processor until mixed. Store in an airtight jar for up to six months. Makes approximately 1 cup. To use: sprinkle on ground beef or chicken as you would any store bought taco seasoning. 3 tablespoons is the same as 1 packet of store bought taco seasoning.