Smokey Chipotle & Ancho Pepper BBQ Dry Rub for Meats & Fish (mild to medium)
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Chipotle & Ancho Chiili Pepper BBQ or Grill Dry Rub Seasoning for Beef, Fish, Chicken or Pork.

This rub is a combination of the finest spices, herbs and smoked Jalapeno chillis (chipotle). If you like a nice smokey heat to your food then this is the rub for you. Smokey Chipotle dry rub is one of the milder rubs in our range. This rub does however still have a bit of a kick. The Chipotle chilli is simply the Jalapeno that has been smoked.

Our dry rubs are a combination of chilli, salts, peppers, herbs and spices used to flavor meat. Unlike a marinade, the dry rub will form a very tasty crust on the exterior of the meat when grilled or barbecued. When grilled, this crust will work to seal in all the flavor and juices of the meat. Just about any cut of meat can be rubbed before going on the grill or on to the barbecue. For fish we recommend applying the rub and then covering in baking foil to keep in the moisture.


Chilli Wizards rubs can be applied as soon as a few minutes prior to grilling or barbeque, but the best flavor comes as a result of letting the meat rest, covered, in the refrigerator overnight or for at least a few hours. Let the meat come to room temperature prior to cooking  it.

1. If you prefer a sweeter flavor and a little caramalization, add one tablespoon of brown sugar to the 50g pack and mix well.

2. Simply apply the rub directly to the meat using your hand. Try to place the rub evenly across the piece of meat you are cooking. You can either stop here or you can rub the spices into the meat.

3. Once you have the meat covered with your chilli dry rub you are ready to get the meat on to the BBQ or grill for cooking. So get it on the BBQ or in the oven and get ready for some great tasting  meat.