Psyllium Husk Powder 25kg Bulk
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Psyllium husk is becoming increasingly more popular as a food supplement ans is  used for weight control and intestinal health. Basically, it’s the perfect answer for anyone who doesn’t get enough fibre from their diet!Psyllium is the husk from the seeds from the Plantago plant – and contains a spongy fibre that reduces appetite and improves the body digestion and cleanses system! When the husks are combined with water, the pysllium husk forms a gel, that is also naturally gluten free, it can help to keep the bowels regular and is far more gentle – and natural – than using any other form of laxative.Pysllium husk is often referred to as a colon cleanser, and as a natural by-product of this is also a natural weight loss aid. Once taken with water, it will bulk and form a paste like mass in the colon, and as this is transported through the intestinal tract it will aid in taking waste with it – the husks will  in efect scrub the intestines clean as it moves along.If taken before a meal, the husks will have time to expand so giving a fuller feeling and helping to prevent overeating!Due to its natural bulking properties, psyllium husk can be a great aid for those seeking to lose weight. This can help those with bigger appetites to consume much less, which can help to instill a healthier relationship with food in the long term. Consuming less food over a long period of time will inevitably help your stomach to shrink in size, therefore it will eventually become natural for the body to require less food to reach fullness – in addition to added benefits of lower cholestrol and blood pressure!Rocketing blood sugar levels can be dangerous for both those with and without diabetes – those without should be cautious not to develop diabetes. Introducing more soluble fibre into your diet can also help reduce rises in blood glucose levels – specifically after meal times!How? Even though fibre is known as a dietary carbohydrate, it is not broken down by the body into sugar molecules, unlike other carbs! Instead, it passes through the body, assists the maintenance of satisfactory blood sugar levels and helps to keeps hunger at bay.Therefore, individuals who do live with diabetes, for example, could gain improved control over their blood sugar levels by increasing the amount of soluble fibre.DosageIt is advisable to build up the dose gradually to avoid adverse symptoms like bloating, wind and stomach cramps. Chilli Wizards suggests adding 2.5g of Psyllium Powder to 300-350ml of water or fruit juice one or two times a day.Due to the bulking nature of psyllium husks, it is essential to ensure you drink enough liquid as otherwise this product may swell up and could obstruct the throat or bowel. Please note: Psyllium husks are not advised for those who have ever suffered from oesophageal narrowing or swallowing difficulties.This natural source of soluble fibre offers an easy way to increase vital fibre intake, alongside a varied and balanced diet!
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