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Last year I was kindly sent some Nagas from a friend who had picked them himself whilst in the jungle in Burma, I was amazed at how fragrant and hot they tasted! So I decided to save the seeds & have grown 33 plants with the sole intention of them being used for a very unique Naga pickle, so who better to ask than Adam Marks and he himself is delighted with Rangoon Naga, so much so its a Green Label Limited Edition Chillimafia Product !It will spice up any food requiring heat and is especially good mixed with mayo or on a pizza. Also fabulous to add to sauces, soups, curries & in sandwiches.But be careful as it packs a deathly punch !!! You have been warned.See a video review here!Made with DEVONCHILLIMAN UK grown fresh Burmese Naga chillies.

Heat O MeterVery HotThis is it, the Shangri-la of Chilli products designed for proper chilli heads who can take the heat! The hottest of the hot, our Very Hot products are also brimming with flavour and spices but they are not for the faint hearted.IngredientsBurmese Nagas 35%, Scotch Bonnets 16.8%, Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Vinegar, MUSTARD, SOY SAUCE (contains WHEAT), Tamarind, Salt, Lemon, Bayleaf, Spices.
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