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Saag Curry - Twisted Curry - Mild to Medium Heat
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Whether it is a mild creamy Korma or an insanely hot Naga Phall you can rely on the Twisted Curry to supply you with the tastiest flavour packed blends to turn you into a curry hero. There's everything you could need for a quick supper to a Indian banquet.This curry can be created using meat or vegetables but is ideally best left overnight for all the flavours to infuse. A real tasty treat for the curry lover. Saag is a one-pot meal and can easily be put together in minutes. Often the spinach is blitzed in a food processor, but to be honest, I was feeling a bit lazy to get it out of the cupboard knowing that Id have a lot of cleaning afterwards. Luckily it works a treat if you finely chop the spinach by hand, which I sometimes prefer because you can actually taste the leaves and they add a great texture to the dish. Bestselling cookery author Madhur Jaffrey prefer this method and points out that it allows the spinach to stand in equal partnership with any of the other ingredients
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