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Tabasco Chilli Mash 1ltr (red)
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Cayenne Chilli Mash 1000g 1ltr

Want to know the hot secret behind your favourite hot sauce?
Pepper mash! Pepper mash is the foundation of some of the worlds most popular hot sauce products, and if you’ve ever wanted to try and make a great hot sauce yourself then pepper mash is a real must.

Why Fermented ?
Common in the USA and Asia, but hard to find within the EU, we crush the fresh chilli's (usually 85 - 90% of the end product) together with salt and leave this to ferment for 2 to 6 months, or even longer. The flavour from the skins and flesh comes together to provide an intense and rich flavour when cooked.

If the fermentation process has stopped (usually in 2 - 4 months), we ship it as it is. Otherwise vinegar is added (acetic acid 2 - 4%) in small amounts to stop the fermentation process. The production process is simple and quite artisan.
The end result is an ambient, stable (pH under 4) low cost Mash ready for further processing (cooking, filtering or blending) for uses in sauce's, salsa and other condiments as a competitivley priced, year round supply with consistent heat levels.

You can create your hot sauce by adding a combination of vinegar, carrots, apple, tequila, cumin, salt, lime, garlic, cilantro,tomato's, infact anything you desire! Go wild and perfect your own perfect hot sauce recipe.Chilli Wizards Tabasco Mash is made with the finest farm grown chilli Tabasco (C. frutescens) peppers. 
These peppers are harvested when fully ripe. then ground, blended with salt and natural citric acid and then packaged insuring that you receive the freshest flavour possible. 
This pepper mash is of the very highest quality and can be used in any of your culinary or sauce making adventures.
The tabasco pepper is a variety of chilli pepper species Capsicum frutescens.
It is best known through its use in Tabasco Sauce, followed by peppered vinegar.

Ingredients: Green Tabasco Chillis peppers (Capsicum annuum), Salt, Acetic acid (E260).
Once opened transfer to a air tight container such as a glass jar and the product will keep for over 12 month.
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