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The Gym Chef Food Company’s Lemon and Herb Seasoning
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Introducing The Gym Chef Food Company’s Lemon and Herb seasoning pots.
For the lovers of a good cut of Salmon or white fish with a good squeeze of lemon, we bring you our very own light and fragrant Lemon & Herb seasoning.
Packed with the perfect complimentary blend of herbs for your Tuna Steak, Chicken Breast or Rice dish. Its as easy as adding a light coating of oil to your fish and evenly covering it in our Lemon and Herb, bake, enjoy!
For more Ideas on how to use your own Lemon & Herb pot check out our Recipes page.
Ingredients: Lemon Peel Powder, Onion Powder, Dried Rosemary, Ground pepper, Italian Herbs, Dried Parsley.
Each 45g tub is enough to season 10-20 meals!
All of our seasoning blends contain:
No added salt
No added sugar
No additives
No preservatives
No Soya
High pepper content to help promote a Thermogenic reaction, aiming to increase metabolism.
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