Trinidad Scorpion CARDI
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Trinidad Scorpion CARDI will sometimes grow a little stinger like a scorpion, hence it;s name. It is a quite rare and extremely hot pepper, which originates from Trinidad. The chilli pods ripen from green to yellow. These pods are bigger, longer and thicker than the 'regular' Trinidad Scorpion. They are said to be slightly less hot. Plants take about 90 to 120 days until they are mature. They have a very nice, fruity taste. The plants can grow to approximately 120 cm tall and have a very good yield.Species: Capsicum ChinenseCARDI: Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute in Trinidad and Tobago.CARDI plays a key role in the development of the Caribbean regional hot pepper industry. With the genetic improvement program CARDI develops improved chilies, both in productivity and in quality. CARDI’s aim is to contribute towards the competitiveness of Caribbean hot pepper products on the domestic and international markets.
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