Ultimate Carolina Reaper Chilli Head Collection, Sweets, Sauce, Chocolate, Snacks.
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Carolina Reaper Ultimate Chilli Head Collection
Made with the worlds hottest chilli the Carolina Reaper

1. Chilli Wizards, very own Carolina Reaper, VENOM Sauce. 38% Carolina Reaper Chilli content, Extra-large 250ml bottle.

2. Excellent Super-Hot Carolina Reaper traditional Bombay Mix.

3. Excellent Hot Carolina Reaper traditional pork scratching.
Hand cooked to a crispy texture then flavoured to our own ghost pepper recipe.
Pork Scratching's are fast becoming one of the nations favourites snacks.

4. Excellent Super-Hot Peanuts Hand made in the Chilli Wizards kitchens to make the perfect snack and flavoured to our own Carolina Reaper Seasoning recipe.

5. Carolina Reaper Chilli Chocolate Bar - 2.5% Carolina Reaper Chilli 100g. Possibly the worlds hottest all-natural Chocolate bar.

6. Carolina Reaper chilli chocolate limes 200g tub. Crisp outer shell of zingy lime encases a wonderful chilli chocolate centre.

7. Pure Carolina Reaper chilli powder 10g Worlds hottest chilli powder.

NOT for the faint hearted.

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