As a comprehensively stocked Chilli nursery, you can depend on us to provide the right plants, in the right quantities, and most importantly, at the right price.
Our new service Plants Direct gives you access to an extensive Chilli Plant range to help you choose anything from mild heat to extreme heat plants like the Naga Jolokia or Trinidad Scorpion.
We grow all our own chilli plants. We offer a large percentage of these for sale usually beginning in January as plug plants. As the plants mature we repot them and keep offering them for sale. So you always get the best size plants available for the time of year.
We even sell fully grown plants from August onward for you to overwinter.
When the plants have developed their chilli pods, we harvest them to make our range of fresh handmade chilli products..
We will in the near future be stocking progucts from other UK Chilli Sauce Makers, and hot sauces from around the world.
We also collect all our seeds streight from the pod. So you know you are getting the freshest seeds money can buy
Everything is grown in Yorkshire under cover.
We aim to produce some of the best sauces in the UK, from the medium hot to the extreme hot sauces only the bravest chilli head will attempt.
We also have a supplier for more mainstream items, this allows us to offer our customers fantastic value for money products that have the heat level, never found in supermarkets. Every day sauces and dips with the Chilli Wizards Kick.
Chilli Wizards are the trusted professionals and our plants are guaranteed to flourish for your enjoyment. Ask our team for your guarantee with every plant purchase.
Explore our website and let us share some of our experience with you. You are always welcome at Chilli Wizards.

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