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Carolina Reaper Dried Pods 10g

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Carolina Reaper Whole Pods 10g
Hottest pods you can get your hands on - World Record Holder


We have now the Carolina Reaper. Our partners in USA are growing these chillis for the last several years and with their help we are now making them available to our customers in UK and Europe.
We can supply them to you in any quantity from 10g to 1kg. We are the only UK based supplier, who can offer you these chillis and powders in any serious quantity.
All the chillis we supply are of the very best quality.

These pods are oven dried in a very controlled environment to preserve the flavour for longer
Please note it's not Trinidad Moruga Scorpion a milder cousin at 1.4 Million SHU, but the world record holding Carolina Reaper at 2.0 Million SHU. You should only order it if you know what you are doing and like extreme heat.


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Olly-Portsmouth UK-5 Stars

Would highly reccomend. Still paying for eating it as i write this. Comsume at your own risk, id suggest being able to eat ghost chilis easily before attempting this

Ollie-llZanST3-5 Stars


Saif-Dewsbury-5 Stars

This is extremely hot. Poison!!!!. I took a pinch and it set my entire digestive system on fire. I was getting rid of liquid from all possible holes. Be careful when consuming or considering doing a chilli challenge. You have been warned!

Torty40-Leeds-4 Stars

Well yeah if you have one of these without lining your stomach with olive oil, you die for a period of time then come back to life. The problem isnt the visit to hell as soon as you put the chilli in your mouth (which lasts for about 10 minutes), the problem is around 2 hours after eating, when you suddenly experience full body muscle spasms, begin to throw up your insides along with lava and your mind moves out of your body and well into the pits of hell. 10/10 would die again.

dazzy-England-5 Stars

Sorry for the late review chilli wizards. These pods are very very hot just what I wanted. I am used to naga in my curry etc but these are just 100x better. I have put them all in a grinder and a few twists will spice up any dish with no hassle. Will be ordering more.

Jonny-UK-5 Stars

If you value your life, I wouldn't recommend you buy these. I bought these to take to a friends BBQ who likes to think he is Billy big balls when it comes to spice. I decided to put it to the test. I have a tolerance to spice of that of a school girl so I only just to say rubbed one on my tongue (of which I still can't feel) Anyway back to the story, I told my friend this was a dried jalapeno, he happily consumed one whole and proceeded to chew. After a few seconds he gave me a piercing look of "you $***, I'm going to die ". His face instantly turned a shade of crimson and the sweat and tears began to flow from every pore. At this point he knew that he had entered the house of pain. The excruciating agony on his face was evident as the burn intensity of Satan's lava fresh from the depths of hell consumed his whole body. Luckily I have a level 2 first aid qualification so I was fully prepared to revive my friend in the event of his demise. Eventually fter 20 minutes of puffing and panting and consuming gallons of milk , he was only then able to speak to hurl profanities at me and plead for mercy from the death grip the chilli has him in. This chilli has ruined my friendship and my ex friends bowel. A must buy for any spice fiend.

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