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Chilli Powder - Ultimate Collection - Ten of the Worlds Finest Chilli Powders

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Chilli Powder Collection

This collection is a must for all chilli heads. We have sourced 10 of the finest and most sought after chilli powders from all over the world. These amazing powders come packaged in top quality glass reusable powder jars. Each jar contains 50g of chilli powder. This is the perfect gift for all chilli lovers. These powders are perfect for cooking with and will spice up any dish.

1. Aji Panca 50g Aji Panca chilli powder is a common ingredient of Peruvian cooking, and is one of the most common chile peppers grown along the coast there. 

2. Ancho Chilli 50g Ancho chilli powder is ground from ancho poblano chillies, which are known for their fruity, smoky flavour and mild heat. 

3. Chinese Bullet Powder 50g This chilli is a must for all authentic Chinese Cooking Crushed Small Red Chillis from China. 

4. Chinese Chaotian Powder 50g This is a deep red chaotian chilli powder and is medium hot in heat. The chilli comes from the Chaotian China. A must for authentic Chinese dishes. 

5. Chipotle (Smoked Jalapeno) 50g Chipotle is the term given to a chilli that has been dried by smoking over a wood fire. 

6. Red Habanero Powder 50g Mexico's Habanero Chilli is one of the more intensely spiced chillies, with fantastic tropical fruit flavours. Perfect in hot sauces and spicy foods. 

7. Green Jalapeno Powder 50g JalapeƱos are probably the most popular chilli sold in the UK and can be found (both fresh and dried) in most supermarkets. JalapeƱo peppers have medium heat 

8. Mirasol Chilli Powder 50g The name Mirasol means "looking at the sun" in Spanish, which describes the way these peppers grow on the plant. 

9. Ghost Pepper (Naga Jolokia) Powder 50g Oven dried Bhut Jolokia pods are ground to form very hot powder indeed. Over a million scoville units: 

10. New Mexico Red Chilli Powder 50g New Mexico chilies (aka California chile, chile Colorado) are red Anaheim Chilli's that have been dried. They possess relatively mild heat.

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