Ultimate Carolina Reaper Chilli Head Collection, Sweets, Sauce, Chocolate, Snacks.

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Carolina Reaper Ultimate Chilli Head Collection
Made with the world’s hottest chilli the Carolina Reaper

1. Chilli Wizards, very own Carolina Reaper, VENOM Sauce. 38% Carolina Reaper Chilli content, Extra-large 250ml bottle.

2. Excellent Super-Hot Carolina Reaper traditional Bombay Mix.

3. Excellent Hot Carolina Reaper traditional pork scratching.
Hand cooked to a crispy texture then flavoured to our own ghost pepper recipe.
Pork Scratching's are fast becoming one of the nation’s favourites snacks.

4. Excellent Super-Hot Peanuts Hand made in the Chilli Wizards kitchens to make the perfect snack and flavoured to our own Carolina Reaper Seasoning recipe.

5. Carolina Reaper Chilli Chocolate Bar - 2.5% Carolina Reaper Chilli 100g. Possibly the world’s hottest all-natural Chocolate bar.

6. Carolina Reaper chilli chocolate limes 200g tub. Crisp outer shell of zingy lime encases a wonderful chilli chocolate centre.

7. Pure Carolina Reaper chilli powder 10g World’s hottest chilli powder.

NOT for the faint hearted.

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Dave - Huddersfield
I started with the chilli peanuts and found them spicy, but not unbearable, the heat lingers on your tongue for about 10 minutes afterwards. Next up was the pork scratchings, I found these hotter than the peanuts, but again not an unbearable heat, they did however give me stomach cramps and burning pain in my gut after eating them, I've yet to sample the Bombay mix, but if they are like the peanuts and scratchings, then thumbs up! 👍 If you can't handle heat I wouldn't recommend you try them, I watched someone with their mouth under the cold tap for about 15 minutes 😂 Also a word of warning eat while wearing gloves, or make sure you wash your hands thoroughly otherwise your mouth might not be the only thing burning!