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thai massaman curry paste - cottage delight
Thai Massaman Curry Paste - Cottage Delight
Thai-namite Our aromatic blend of delicious, rich ingredient is suffused with coriander, lemongrass and galangal. Suitable for Vegetarians Gluten Free
fiery caribbean sauce
Fiery Caribbean Sauce - Cottage Delight
A carnival of flavours We pack this recipe full of hot habañero and spicy scotch bonnet chillies to create an exciting and intense sauce with fiery flavour. Enjoy as a glaze for baked fish or stir through chilli con carne for tropical heat. Made in small batches Tended by hand No artificial additives Gluten Free Suitable for Vegetarians
thai sweet chilli sauce - cottage delight
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce - Cottage Delight
A very special combination of warming chilli, rich garlic, zesty lime and smoky paprika for an enticingly sweet and sticky sauce. Dip it with chips, use a sticky glaze for chicken or pour over fish for fantastic flavour. Made in small batches Tended by hand Gluten Free Suitable for Vegetarians
Jethro's 3 Sauce Collection
This multi award winning marinade is sensational used as a marinade for chicken or fish.
jeyel's south indian fish curry
Jeyel's South Indian Fish Curry
An aromatic sauce bursting with fragrant coriander and juicy tomatoes to bring out the creamy coconut and tangy tamarind for a mouth-watering combination of fragrance and spice perfect for fish.
jeyel's south indian vegetable korma
Jeyel's South Indian Vegetable Korma
A nutty rich Korma packed with cashew nuts, coconut and poppy seeds and then combined with subtle flavours of chilli and mint to create the perfect accompaniment for vegetables.
jeyel's south indian lamb curry
Jeyel's South Indian Lamb Curry
Punchy red chillies bring a subtle kick to this medium spiced sauce with the fusion of onion and cumin adding a sweet burst to a mouth-watering mix of flavours perfectly tailored to bring out the best in lamb.
jeyel's south indian butter chicken
Jeyel's South Indian Butter Chicken
A fusion of smoky paprika, aromatic fenugreek leaves and sweet jaggery to provide the perfect flavour to chicken
jeyel's south indian pork curry cooking sauce
Jeyel's South Indian Pork Curry Cooking Sauce
Packed full of flavour Hot sauce
Jethro's Togarashi Seasoning
Cook in to make a delicious curry with Japanese influences or use as a meat rub
jethro's lemon, chilli & coriander marinade
Jethro's Lemon, Chilli & Coriander Marinade
This multi award winning marinade is sensational used as a marinade for chicken or fish.
jethro's cajun lime & jalapeno 250ml
Jethro's Cajun Lime & Jalapeno Marinade 250ml
A spicy Southern style marinade that’s just made for chicken or ribs but doesn’t have to be used solely as a marinade.
red chilli & garlic 250ml
Jethro's Red Chilli & Garlic Sauce 250ml
Fresh and spicy flavours with cumin and basil. Use to make peri peri chicken or patatas bravas: fry cubed potatoes, drain and dress with red chilli sauce.
Red Valentina 1 Lt