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Mustard Powder 1kg
Mustard Powder 500g
Suma Onion Seeds 35g
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JD Seasonings Taco Kit
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Dead Sea Salt 500g
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Parsley (English) 50g - 1kg
Matches well with: chicken, eggplant, eggs, fish, game, lentils, mushrooms, mussels, pasta, peas, potatoes, poultry, rice, seafood, tomatoes, zucchini, lemon A great deal of the best European cooking is unthinkable without parsley. It is always included in a bouquet garni, and, finally chopped, it forms the basis of a fines herbs mixture. The good cook uses it frequently so that one comes almost to associate the presence of chopped parsley as a sign that the food has been prepared with care and feeling. One of the great uses of parsley is in the form of what the French what in France is known as a persillade. This is a sauce or seasoning mixture of extra finely chopped parsley (usually with shallots) added toward the end of cooking. It adds not only to the appearance but also the taste of the dish
Tomato Powder 100g
Fine Dried Tomato Powder Rich tasting powdered tomato. For convenient cooking; sauces, pastes & soups. contains no added salt, no added sugar, no preservatives, no colours and no flavour enhancers. A generous sized bag. This tomato powder has a rich tomato flavour. It is a convenient ingredient that can be added to liquid to make stocks, pastes and puree. Tomato powder can be used for soup making, stews, curries, bolognese, chilli con carne, burgers/sausages and bread mixes. This is an excellent alternative to tomato puree and has a less acidic flavour to some puree brands. Directions Tomato powder is a incredibly versatile ingredient, and can be used in place of tomato puree in most recipes. It is excellent for adding at a late stage, to thicken sauces and curries. For curries, fry the onions, garlic and other ingredients, then any meats/vegetables and spices. Add hot water, then thicken using the tomato powder. After this stage, the curry will only need cooking for a few more minutes. Serve with rice. Tomato powder makes an excellent spaghetti bolognese: fry the onions, garlic and mince, then add herbs to season. Add water, thicken using the tomato powder, simmer for a few minutes then serve with pasta.
Mixed Herb Blend Basil, Winter Thyme, Marjoram, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme, Sage50g - 1kg
Goes Best with An aromatic herb blend with floral notes. This is our traditional herb mixture for use in tomato based sauces, casseroles or sprinkle on your roast vegetables. What's in Our Blend Thyme, Marjoram, English Parsley, Sage, Savoury, Oregano This Chilli Wizards quality herb seasoning contains a blend of seven different herbs from all over the world predominantly the Mediterranean area.
Mustard Powder 100g
Rosemary 100g - 1kg
Rosemary - dried herb Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, is from the Lamiaceae family (mint family) and is closely related to basil, hyssop, lavender, marjoram, mint, oregano, sage, savory and thyme. Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean region. Due to its strong aroma, it is often used in small amounts. Rosemary has .5% to 2.5% volatile oil content, primarily 1,8 cineol (which is responsible for it's cool eucalyptus aroma), α-pinene, camphor, borneol and bornyl acetate. Rosemary is also called ikleel aljabal (Arabic), mi tieh hsiang (Mandarin), rosmarin (French), rosmarein (German), rusmary (Hindi), rosmarino (Italian), mannenro (Japanese), alecrim (Portuguese), rozmarin (Russian) and romero or rosmario (Spanish).