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Oak Smoked Dead Sea Salt & Ghost & Garlic Grinder
Item Code: SAL114433
Price: £ 2.50
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Oak Smoked Dead Sea Salt & Ghost & Garlic Grinder
90g with reusable high quality grinder.

This is the perfect hot accompaniment to any meal. 
The Smoked Jalapeno Chilli is used to provide a mild/medium chilli salt blend.

We first smoke the salt for 12 hours by burning a mixture of Oak & Thyme, this imparts the ultimate smoky flavor.
Smoked Ghost Pepper chilli's are then added to the salt to give an amazing blast of chilli pepper heat.
Our salt is Kosher pure food grade Dead Sea table salt carefully selected to give the finest specialty salt available.

Chilli Wizards Salts and blends are the perfect compliment to any meal. We use only the finest kosher Dead Sea salts and blend them with a vast range of chilli's, from mild to super hot. Our smoked salts are prepared in house
by us.
We pay great attention to the smoking process and all our salts are smoke for up to 12 hours using a mixture or pure Oak and the finest herbs, we then smoke the chillis that go into the salt to provide the ultimate hot table salt.
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