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Chilli Wizards
Ultimate Chilli Collection.
Highest Premium Quality & Amazing Value - Fantastic Gift for Chilli Lovers
12 x 100g Packs of quality chilli products, consisting of powders and crushed flakes from around the world.

1. Aleppo Flakes.
This chilli pepper comes to us from southern Turkey, near the Syrian town of Aleppo, which is considered one of the culinary meccas of the Mediterranean. It has a moderate heat level with some fruitiness and mild, cumin-like undertones, with a hint of a vinegar, salty taste. Use it for authentic chili flavor in any Middle Eastern or Mediterranean dish.
Aleppo chilli offers a nice variation from your usual crushed red peppers. It has a very robust flavour that hits you in the back of your mouth, tickles your throat and dissipates quickly. Try this staff favorite in place of regular crushed red chilli's on pizzas, salads, and pasta.
2. Ancho Flakes.
One of the most popular peppers grown in Mexico it is considered by many chilli heads to be the most popular of all the chilli peppers.
The Ancho Pepper is actually the dried version of the Poblano pepper and has a well deserved reputation as the chilli king. Our Ancho Pepper Flakes are a deep, reddish brown to black colour and possess a mild fruity flavour with a hint of plum, raisin, tobacco and a slight earthiness, these pods have medium heat about 4 out of 10 on the heat scale. Some of our customers also refer to these as crushed Ancho. Ancho chilli's are frequently found in most authentic Mexican cooking and play a starring role in enchiladas, tamales, red chili, salsa, many
moles, soups and just about any sauce that is in need some extra mild heat. We have also found them to be wildly popular in many BBQ rubs and seasoning blends.
3. Tex Mex Flakes.
New Mexico chilies (aka California chile, chile Colorado) are red Anaheim Chilli's that have been dried. They range from five to seven inches in length and are commonly found in Southwestern and Mexican red sauces.
They possess relatively mild heat. New Mexico chilli's (aka chile Colorado, Anaheim chilies, California chilies) are prized in Southwestern and Mexican cuisine for their ability to bring mild heat and savoury flavour to red sauces used to top enchiladas, “wet” burritos, and other dishes.
4.Pasilla Chilli Flakes.
Pasilla is derived from the word “Pasa” which translates to “little black raisin”.  The colour is dark blackish-purple; similar to the colour of a raisin. This thin fleshed chile has one of the more sophisticated chile flavors and is a favorite of chilli heads. The taste is pungent and tangy but with a long lasting deep rich flavor with woodsy undertones. Pasilla Negros are considered a mild heat chilli.
5. Red Jalapeno Chilli Flakes.
Crushed red Jalapeno chillies, making them ideal as a cooking ingredient or garnish.
Great in a pepper grinder. Added to hot oil and fried, they turn a darker colour and give a lovely flavour to the dish.These Mexican flakes are of the highest quality.
6. Kashmiri Chilli Powder.
Indian meal can’t be made of without a generous dose of Chilli Pepper. 
Specific recipe calls for specific variety of Chilli Pepper and any deviation can be a disaster.
Needless to say, knowing the right Chilli Pepper is one of the secret of making a good curry.The Kashmiri Chilli has a heat rating of below SHU 12,000  Although this is one of the most popular chilli's in India, it can be very difficult to get hold of in the UK. This is very popular chilli for its mild heat and its bright red colour. It's grown in the Northern most state of India.Kashmiri Chillis are long, deep red and wrinkled. The whole dried Kashmiri Chilli looks darker, almost the colour of Red Wine. Kashmiri Red Chilli is very mildly hot and adds a bright red/orange colour to the
food. It has got a distinct flavour too.
7. Cayenne Pepper (medium to hot)
Cayenne is a hotter, spicier version of the traditional chilli powder blend.
Use the kick of chili pepper (with or without an added array of complimentary spices) to create lively Mexican or Tex-Mex fare. The cayenne, or Guinea pepper or bird pepper is a hot, red chili pepper. Cayenne is a popular spice in a variety of cuisines.
It is employed variously in its fresh form, dried and powdered, and as dried flakes.
It is also a key ingredient in a variety of hot sauces, particularly those employing vinegar as a preservative.
8.Chipotle Powder.
Chipotle chilli's are smoke dried jalapeƱos. Essential to Mexican cuisine, add to chilli, salsas, soups, stews, rubs and marinades. Also adds smoky heat to chocolate.
The classic flavour from chipotles bring the mild and earthy spiciness to many dishes in Mexican cuisine. Chipotle chilis are used to make various salsas and sauces, steep them in liquid to make a smoky marinade. Mix them with cream cheese to make a great dip.
Chipotle chilli's can also be ground up and combined with other spices to make a meat marinade known as an adobo.
9. Green Jalapeno Powder.
The JalapeƱo chilie pepper is arguably the most famous chili pepper on the face of the planet!
The jalapeƱo (Castilian Spanish pronunciation: [xalapeo], Mexican Spanish pronunciation: [halapeo]) is a medium to large size chilli which is prized for its warm, burning sensation when eaten. When ripe, the jalapeƱo can be 2–3½ inches (5–9 cm) long and is almost always sold while still green. It is a variety of the species Capsicum annuum originating in Mexico. It is named after the town of Xalapa, Veracruz, where it was traditionally produced. More than 160 square kilometers are dedicated for the cultivation of jalapeƱos in Mexico alone, primarily in the states of Veracruz and Chihuahua. JalapeƱos are also cultivated on a smaller scale in Jalisco, Nayarit, Sonora, Sinaloa and Chiapas. The jalapeƱo is known by different names throughout Old Mexico, such as cuaresmeƱos, huachinangos,
and chilli's gordos, just to name a few.
10. Habanero Powder
Habanero's have long been the gold standard for people who love to eat spicy food but their flavour also has an element of fruitiness, once you get past all the heat. This pure habanero chili powder is one of the spicier varieties available it has about half the heat of a ghost pepper.
Habanero chilies are some of the hottest chili peppers available (although not nearly as hot as
the world’s hottest, the Naga Bhut Jolokia). They are round, oblong, and about 3/4th of an inch wide.
There’s more to them than just their considerable heat, however. Behind the spice is a fruity flavour that makes
these chilies a delicious way to spark up a dish and even welcome in some desserts. 
Caution: These chilies are extremely hot 100,000-300,000 shu. Wear gloves while handling chilies.
Wash hands thoroughly before touching eyes & sensitive tissue.
Sprinkle on anything requiring the addition of Intense heat.  Please Take care!

Warning this powder is extremely HOT.
Keep away from children.
11. African Birds Eye Chilli Powder
The best hot meals can’t be made without a generous dose of Chilli Pepper. 
Specific recipe calls for specific variety of Chilli Pepper and any deviation can be a disaster.
Needless to say, knowing the right Chilli Pepper is one of the secret of making a good curry.
Like all chilli peppers, piri piri is descended from South American cultivars, but Piri piri has grown in the wild in Africa for centuries and is now cultivated commercially in Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. It grows mainly in Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It is cultivated for both commercial food processing and the pharmaceutical industry. Cultivation of piri piri is labour intensive.
12 Chinese Facing Heaven Chilli Powder
This chilli is a must for all authentic Chinese Cooking, Crushed Small Red Chaotian Chillis from The Hometown of Sanying (chaotian) in China
Medium hot(15000SHU-22000SHU),
Hottes(Above 30000SHU) 

Sichuan dried round chillies or facing heaven chillies are a medium-hot, fragrant chilli pepper with a thin skin and citrus notes.
The Sichuan dried chillies are a pantry-staple when it comes to Sichuanese cooking, and are often fried whole in oil at the start of recipes, or dropped into simmering Sichuanese hot pots.
Sichuan facing heaven chillies are delicious in piquant pickles, or used to infuse chilli oil.
The fruits are very aromatic with a great citrus flavour and ripen to a bright claret red.
Pods have a good pungency with an intense start to the burn mellowing after a while.

This  is a cone-shaped, medium-hot fruity chilli with very thin skin, between 3 and 6 centimetres in length, and 1 to 2 centimetres in diameter at the base. Originally from Szechuan province in South west China, it owes its name to the fact that it grows with the fruit pointing upwards, rather than downwards as is normal with other chilli plants.Because of its attractive appearance, the dried chilli is often added to dishes whole. When lightly fried in oil it turns radiant red and loses enough of its heat to allow for it to be eaten whole.
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