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Vindaloo Curry - Twisted Curry - Hot
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Whether it is a mild creamy Korma or an insanely hot Naga Phall you can rely on the Twisted Curry to supply you with the tastiest flavour packed blends to turn you into a curry hero. There's everything you could need for a quick supper to a Indian banquet.This curry can be created using meat or vegetables but is ideally best left overnight for all the flavours to infuse. A real tasty treat for the curry lover. A signature of Indian cuisine, Vindaloos are considered to be the spiciest of Indian curries. With a perfect balance of spicy heat and complex layers of flavour this is our newest curry powder that was in response to numerous requests from our curry powder aficionados.Indigenous to the Goa region of western India which for more than four centuries was ruled by the Portuguese, Vindaloo Curry was originally a Portuguese dish called Carne de Vinha d Alhos made with chili's, pork and vinegar, but though the years of local Indian influence its now more thought of as an Indian curry with some spicy kick to it.There are several variations of Vindaloo Curry dishes found in the Goa area. The Catholics, who make up about a third of the population, prefer Pork Vindaloo while the Hindus and Muslims opt for chicken, duck or lamb Vinadloos
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